Privacy Policy

  1. General Provisions

1.1. International commercial company ON SPOT LLC GROUP understands that the Client (hereinafter referred to as You, the Client) wishes to keep their personal data, as well as all the information provided to the Company (hereinafter referred to as us, the Company) confidential.

1.2. The Company creates all the conditions to ensure that the processing of Your information is as secure as possible.

1.3. The Company makes every effort to ensure the privacy of its Clients.

1.4. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) reflects the procedure for collecting, processing, using, and storing the confidential information of the Client in the process of using the Company's website, applications, and other platforms on the Internet with the purpose of receiving the Company's Services.

1.5. It is hereby determined that the Client's agreement to the terms of the User Agreement on the provision of services simultaneously constitutes agreement with all the provisions of the Policy.

1.6. It is considered that the Client has familiarized themselves with the Policy, agrees with its provisions, and all further decisions (actions) of the Client express full consent to this Policy and its possible updates.

  1. Types of information

2.1. Client's Personal Information - information that allows identifying the Client (their Personal data), including:

2.1.1. Registration data; When registering on the Company's platform, You will need to provide the requested information to the Company by entering it in the corresponding fields (name, phone number, contact information, address of residence and registration, password, account currency name, etc.).

2.1.2. Supporting documents;

The Company reserves the right to verify the Client, i.e., request from them documents considered necessary by the Company, confirming the client's identity, their solvency, legal ownership of funds, their location (payment documents, documents confirming the address of residence, banking, tax documents, etc.). The Company may also request documents confirming the Client's experience in conducting trading operations and determining their Risk indicators.

2.1.3. Your device data; This refers to the Client's personal data that the Company may receive from various Client devices. For example, information about Your geolocation, personal (unique) identifiers, IP addresses, etc.

2.2. Depersonalized information - so-called non-identifiable information about clients, which may become available during their use of the Company's services. The Company does not identify clients whose depersonalized information is processed.

2.2.1. Technical information - information about software and devices that You use when performing operations (domain, language used, browser type, operating system type, etc.). The purpose of collecting such information is to improve the performance indicators of the Company's server, providing the most convenient interaction option.

2.2.2. Analytical information - information about Your use of our applications, servers, etc. Based on such information, the Company determines the Client's activity (client clicks, views, the time spent on a particular page, Your other actions). Such information is necessary for the Company to correct various errors, system flaws, as well as to analyze Your use of the Company's platform.

2.2.3. Statistical data - The Company may collect, structure, and transmit to other Clients depersonalized information. Such information may include the history of Your transactions, the type of the most popular (profitable) asset, the most successful time for transactions, etc.

2.2.4. Anonymous information - The Company may anonymize information in such a way that it does not allow to identify You specifically (or generalize information about all Clients). In this case, the Company may use such statistical information and disclose it without any restrictions in terms of the Policy.

  1. Use of Information by the Company

3.1. Information named in section 2 of the Policy includes the Client's Personal data.

3.2. Your Personal data may be used by the Company for the following purposes:

3.2.1. Providing You with the Company's Service (trading services, creating a trading account, assessing Your experience and risk level, etc.);

3.2.2. Creating Your personal account for the use of the Company's Services;

3.2.3. Identification (authentication) of access to the Company's services;

3.2.4. Notifying You of Company updates;

3.2.5. Promoting our product and website, as well as promoting the products and websites of our partners;

3.2.6. Responding to Your requests, applications;

3.2.7. Identifying violations of legislation, legal norms, as well as other abuses;

3.2.8. Compliance monitoring with legislation, legal norms, as well as Company policies and rules;

3.2.9. Execution of a court decision (court order), as well as other government bodies (including control and supervision);

3.2.10. Correction of errors in the operation of Company services;

3.2.11. Advertising;

3.2.12. Conducting a policy to improve the functioning of Company services;

3.2.13. Identifying the interests of Clients;

3.2.14. Prevention of operations of a fraudulent nature (including money laundering, financial terrorism, etc.).

3.3. The Company does not transfer Your confidential information, except as provided by law and this Policy (including not selling it to third parties, not renting it out, and not using it for such purposes).

3.4. The Client's Personal data may be disclosed to trusted persons of the Company for the purposes of: - improving Company services (providing assistance in conducting operations); - combining information materials in accordance with the Company's marketing policy; - Your identification (personal identity authentication); - analysis of the Company's service operation, identification and correction of errors, malfunctions; - conducting verification of Your account; - storage and processing of such data in the Company's interests. Trusted persons of the Company may include - partners, subsidiaries, service providers, other related companies.

3.5. The Company reserves the right to disclose the Client's confidential information in cases that, in the Company's opinion, are necessary and sufficient, guided by the principles of reasonableness and fairness. For example: - for the purpose of complying with Client operations with applicable laws, legal norms, as well as the Company's policy, as well as identifying any kind of violations and/or abuses; - to fulfill requests from judicial authorities and other government bodies; - for the purpose of preventing illegal, fraudulent actions, as well as taking timely measures to eliminate identified violations; - for the purpose of avoiding any kind of harm (property, material, and other) to the Company itself, its clients, as well as other interested parties; - for the purpose of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the Company (including protecting the Company's intellectual property), as well as legal protection against any claims directed against the Company.

3.6. The Company collects, stores, and processes only the information that it receives from the Client in the process of providing its services.

3.7. The Client understands and agrees that when navigating to other websites, trading platforms, the rules of the respective websites and trading platforms will apply to them. The Client undertakes to independently familiarize themselves with the privacy policies of other companies.

3.8. The presence of any links on the Company's website to other companies does not imply that the Company recommends accessing (using) these links. The Company is not responsible for the information provided by third-party websites, companies, applications, and services. The Client understands and acknowledges that this Policy does not apply to such websites and links, and any transactions conducted within such links are the responsibility of the Client.

  1. Information Retention Period

4.1. The Client may at any time make changes to their personal data by sending a corresponding request to the Company's email:

4.2. The Client also has the right to report any errors detected in their personal data or request the Company to delete this data. The exception is the history of transactions made by Clients and other information that the Company is required to keep under applicable law. Such requests are also sent to the Company's email:

4.3. In the event of non-receipt of notification from the Client in accordance with clauses 4.1-4.2 of this Policy, the Company reserves the right to retain information about the Client for a period it deems necessary, guided by its own goals and interests (taking into account the norms of applicable law, performance of the user agreement, provision of services, functioning of services, ensuring compliance with contracts, etc.).

4.4. The Company may at any time edit or delete inaccurate and/or outdated, as well as incomplete information provided by the Client.

  1. Information Protection

5.1. The Company uses specialized technologies and security standards to ensure the confidentiality of Clients' information and protect it from unauthorized access by third parties.

5.2. However, the Company is not responsible for the actions of third parties who have gained access on unlawful grounds or who unlawfully use the Company's services. The Company cannot guarantee that it will be able to prevent or avoid such unauthorized access in a timely manner.

5.3. If the Client notices any signs of disclosure of their confidential information (leakage) contrary to this Policy and/or suspects unauthorized access by a third party, the Client may contact the Company's representatives via email:, describing the situation in detail.

  1. Cookie Files

6.1. Cookie files are a set of data that includes an anonymous and unique identifier sent to the Client's mobile phone or other device from the Company's website. When visiting the Company's website, the pages viewed by the Client and cookie files are downloaded to their device.

6.2. Cookie files are stored on the Client's device.

6.3. Cookie files have the function of an anonymous identifier. Upon the Client's subsequent visits to the Company's website, they allow for the identification of the most popular pages requested by the Client. Such files enable the Company to create the most effective website interface for maximum convenience of the Client.

6.4. The Client has the right to block access to cookie files on their device. However, the Company does not guarantee uninterrupted operation of all functions of the Company's service. Your online session may be limited.

6.5. The Company's website uses the following types of cookie files: - persistent (not deleted when the browser is closed. Used only by the Company's website and for a certain period of time. This type of files allows the Company to identify who you are and display your preferences upon your next activation); - session (deleted when the browser is closed. Stored temporarily and only when the browser is open); - third-party (set by third-party services for purposes such as analysis and monitoring of your access).

6.6. Cookie files do not allow for your identification. At the same time, the information obtained from such files is associated with your confidential information stored by the Company.

  1. Advertising

7.1. While using our service, you may encounter advertising information, including targeted advertising.

7.2. The Company reserves the right to engage third parties to distribute the information specified in clause 4.1. of the Policy and to provide depersonalized customer data to such parties for evaluating the success of advertising campaigns and identifying the needs and interests of our clients.

  1. Marketing

8.1. The Company may use your personal data, both independently and with the involvement of third parties under an agreement, to provide you with informational (promotional) materials about the Company's services, as well as about products and services of the Company's trusted partners (affiliates, related entities).

8.2. The Company may also use your personal data to inform you about various marketing offers that, in the opinion of the Company, may be of interest to you and be useful. Similar offers may be made by affiliated entities of the Company.

8.3. The Client has the right to opt out of receiving the information specified in clauses 7.1.-7.2. of this Policy. To do this, you need to send a corresponding request to the Company's email address ( In this case, the Company will remove your email address from the mailing list. However, the Company does not guarantee that the Client will stop receiving various marketing information from affiliated entities of the Company. The Client may need to separately unsubscribe from marketing mailings from such entities.

8.4. The Client hereby understands and agrees that upon authorization and access to the Company's services, the Company may collect, process, and store the Client's information and also provide it to its affiliated (trusted) entities for the purpose of informing the Client about marketing campaigns.

  1. Material Corporate Actions

9.1. In the event of the Company entering into a corporate transaction involving the sale of its business (or part thereof), or in the event of the process of enlarging the Company's business capital (merger, consolidation), as well as in the event of the sale of fixed assets (or part thereof), etc., the Company may transfer personal data to authorized third parties. The acquiring or merging organization assumes the rights and obligations of this Policy.

  1. Final Provisions

10.1. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the provisions of this Policy.

10.2. The Client guarantees that they will monitor updates to the Policy, which is always freely available on the Company's website.

10.3. Information about the Company: ON SPOT LLC GROUP International Commercial Company Company's email for communication: Address: Main Street, P.O. Box 625

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